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To put together a team of experts specialized in the various fields of Internet marketing and to coordinate their know-how and experience. We have looked carefully for motivated talented experts to provide each type of Internet service that an Ecommerce company might need to operate anywhere in the world. Our approach is an example of diversified specialization with strong central coordination. Each specialist will help you solve your particular marketing needs, but at the same time your account manager will coordinate and harmonize your campaign to keep it up to date and make the most out of every move you make.


To provide unique marketing consultancy that would deliver remarkable results and bring the market to you.
Our goal is to provide the best and most complete Internet marketing services available in the market. To achieve this goal we have assembled a unique team so that our customers can take advantage of their extensive experience in the field of online marketing. We are now ready to offer help and advice from experienced professionals in every branch of Internet marketing, beginning with website design and up to social media optimization. After we have helped you design the crisp graphics and the enticing text that will attract your customers, we will work on the technical aspects of search engine optimization. These steps will make certain that your website appears in the top Google rankings, to increase traffic, leads and sales. It is our job to make sure that your website remains in the top Google rankings, and to do this we will select the most appropriate means of website promotion, choosing from Emailing, forums, blogs or affiliate marketing, the most adequate way for your particular business.


 Internet marketing
 Online Advertisement
 Search Engine Optimization
 Social Media Optimization
 Top Google Rankings
 Increase Traffic/Sales/Leads
 Website Promotion
 Google AdWords (PPC)
 Website Design
 Business Branding
 Domain Registration & Hosting
 Google TM Analytics
 Email Marketing
 Forum Marketing
 Blog Marketing

The additional facilities available at our company, such as domain and web services, have greatly expanded the company’s perspectives. We aim higher and wider by offering better and more diversified first class services as required by our customers, discarding the hype often encountered in marketing companies. We strive to impress with facts, not with empty words.


Mr. Mark Khoder, a reputed personality in the field of online advertising, owns and manages MyAdvertisingExpert. Mr. Khoder has years of professional computer and Internet experience, which allowed him to envision the present extraordinary rise in Ecommerce. He has specialized in retail and customer service and lately has setup to help other businesses secure an online presence and a profitable return on their online investment.


Mr. Mark Khoder founded MyAdvertisingExpert in 2009. Headquarters of the company are located in Melbourne, Australia. As a rapidly growing company, we value our users’ suggestions and opinions through their feedback so as to achieve the targeted goals and expected results in the shortest possible time and with the assurance of our clients’ satisfaction.

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