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Affiliate marketing is one of Internet’s marketing models that is growing exponentially these days because it has proven to be one of the most effective methods to promote and sell products to customers. Affiliate marketing is different from other types of promotion because the marketer is directly involved in the sales process. He is responsible for convincing the buyer to purchase the product but at the same time he is not responsible for dealing with payment or the product itself. Essentially, what affiliate marketers do is to redirect Internet traffic from their own website to the website of the seller (also known as “brand”); every time a sale is finalized the affiliate receives a share of the benefits, usually in the form of payment.

From the seller’s side, the affiliate marketing model is very suitable for large companies having many products or services to promote as well as for small producers who are not quite strong at marketing or do not have enough resources to invest in promoting their products. No matter their size, sellers will save time and money when they enroll the help of different affiliate marketers who will do their best to sell their products.

From the marketer’s side, affiliate marketing is very suitable for those who know how to promote products and sell them but do not want to deal with logistics and payment matters. In affiliate marketing, the marketer will be responsible only for promoting and selling the product in his own way and words and this gives a wide margin of creativity and competition between different marketers.

There are different ways of incentives for affiliate marketing; in the most popular way the marketer gets a cut of every sale that happens through his own promotion. Every marketer gets his own link that connects him with the payment page on the seller’s website. In this simple and effective way the marketer is integrated into the sales process.

Some affiliate marketing programs, especially those promoting services that require subscription, will offer the affiliate marketing agency or person a percent of every subscription renewed by the customer.

At we have been dealing with affiliate marketing right from the start and thanks to our accumulated experience we can effectively launch your affiliate marketing campaigns. The extraordinary growth and sophistication of methods presently used in Internet marketing and particularly in affiliate marketing, make it very difficult, indeed inefficient and wasteful, for non-professionals to prepare and organize a useful campaign. The good old days of “auto drive” are long gone; in today’s global market, competition is extremely hard and to be successful an affiliate marketing campaign must be permanently supervised and carefully managed, but the rewards are immense. Serious estimates value in billions of dollars the revenue generated every year by affiliate marketing in the USA alone, so it is easy to imagine what even a fraction of that amount could mean to your business, no matter the size of your company. Do not hesitate to contact us contact for a free assessment of your website as well as free quotes for your affiliate marketing campaigns.


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