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Blogging is meant to be a way to express yourself and to communicate your ideas and opinions, eventually proposing solutions to perceived problems or needs about a certain topic. Because of the fact that more than 30 percent of those who surf the Internet read blogs, blog marketing has become a popular Internet marketing model. The subject and content of a blog strongly select the profile of the persons who read it. Because of this selectivity, a dynamic Internet community with shared interests and/or activities is effectively formed, allowing the author of the blog to reach millions of potential clients.

Blog marketing does not address only those who read the blog containing the marketing message but it also affects those who connect with the persons who have read the blog in question. For example, if 30 percent of people read blogs, most of these blog readers also write their own blogs and participate in forums talking about the same topic so they can spread the word about your products easily and naturally.

If you want to start your blog marketing you first need to know the topics that people are talking about in different communities, to find out who your potential clients are and what are their shared interests. You must also know all about your product and about competitors offering similar products or services. Knowing how they are doing in the market will be very useful to reorient and update your campaign.

Whether you decided to launch your own blog or to advertise on other blogs to promote your product, blog marketing is a very convenient model that will help you connect with potential buyers who are ready to buy your products.

After you create your blog marketing campaign, you need to keep an eye on its performance and how people are accepting it. There are several programs in the market that are very useful to assess the performance of your blog marketing campaign. One of the prominent examples is the Google TM analytics; with it you will be able to know all the necessary statistics about your blog and about the performance of the blog marketing campaign itself.

It is very important to monitor the performance of your blog marketing campaign because it will tell you where you are standing and what the status of your campaign is. Another essential part of blog marketing is to optimize the content of your blog using relevant keywords, because this is the only way that Internet surfers can reach your blog with the help of search engines. Search engine optimization for your blog will help you to rank higher in search engine results pages and this of course will generate more web traffic easily.

At we have been working with blog marketing for a long time now. We have a dedicated team of experts to carry out blog marketing campaigns in an efficient way, applying the most useful tools to follow up and adapt it to obtain the desired effects. We will be pleased to give you a free estimate free quote for the costs of your blog marketing campaigns.


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